Sweaty Betty Ski Seamless Leggings – Review

Sweaty Betty Ski Seamless Leggings – Review

Hello all! So, for the last week I’ve been on holiday in Les Arcs (French Alps), skiing with my family and some friends of ours. It was amazing to be away in the snow and to have a break from my normal routine, indulging in delicious French food and getting in some great endurance exercise which I don’t normally do so much of in the gym.

I packed fairly lightly as I wore mostly the same ski-essentials whilst I was there (salopettes, ski jacket etc). One thing that came in so useful though, were these Sweaty Betty thermal leggings. Perfect for Apres ski and wandering about the town in the cold. It’s a rarity that you (well, me anyway) would want to get too ‘dolled up’ when on a ski holiday as you’re tired, achey and just want to be cosy; however these were a nice mix of being practical but stylish at the same time (if it’s the kind of thing you like… the crazy pattern may not be to everyone’s taste hehe). Not only do I love the quirky design, they really did the trick of keeping me super warm and were so comfortable.












They are a seamless fabric and high waisted which I tend to go for with most of the leggings I own as the material hugs you and in my opinion is more flattering on the body. I went for a size XS (will fit 8-10) which fitted well and were nice & grippy. When I bought them, it was recommended to go down a size as they generally come up slightly big as they’re stretchy. I wouldn’t recommend to wear the leggings to actually ski in; they aren’t really thick or protective enough and being fairly delicate, any tumbles could leave you bottomless on the slopes which wouldn’t be ideal…

Sweaty Betty also sell the matching tops which are so cute but for me, I preferred just the leggings to wear with a more plain sweater as they are already pretty ‘out there’.

Also, check out the other patterns! The pattern I’m wearing is I think sold out as I couldn’t find them to link anywhere below 🙁 They do have some really cool other designs though, like these . So if you’re going skiing or venturing anywhere cold this year, I would recommend checking them out for a comfortable, cosy and colourful winter outfit!

L x



  1. Sarah JT Jones
    February 6, 2017 / 6:56 pm

    These are so pretty, good to know they’re genuinely warm. Although I’m much older than you, I’d wear them with a long sweater (mid-thigh) and chunky short boots, but I think I’d feel up -to- date but not ‘mutton dressed up as lamb’! It’s the pattern that would give me the confidence to wear these, funnily enough; I wouldn’t wear that outfit with plain leggings. But then I’m an Emilio Pucci fanatic, so I’m used to ‘out there’ patterns! I think I’ll invest in a pair of these to wear in the mountains of B.C. when we go to Canada this summer 🙂 Thank you, Lucy! xx

    • February 17, 2017 / 11:58 am

      I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eaeris!

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