Roasted Butternut Wheels

Roasted Butternut Wheels

You need these in your life!

Butternut squash is one of my all time favourite veggies. It’s packed with beta-carotene, vitamin C, manganese and potassium (one of the more tricky electrolytes to obtain through diet) and is also a good source of fibre.

This is a delicious side dish to a main meal – I enjoyed it alongside some wild salmon the other evening, or I can imagine it’d be great with tapas-style food, or even for breakfast with an egg on top where-by the butternut wheel acts as a sort of ‘toast’ for an even more potent vitamin A rich meal!

I’ve used zesty lime and some smokey spices to flavour. Give it a go and let me know what you think?

Ingredients (makes around 10-12 wheels depending on squash size):

1 medium butternut squash, rinsed and scrubbed.

1.5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3 tsp chopped garlic (I used ‘lazy garlic’)

2 spring onions, thinly sliced

1/2 lime

3 tsp smoked paprika

2 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 medium red chilli

sea salt and black pepper

2 tbsp fresh coriander leaf


Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and drizzle a large baking tray with 1.5 tbsp olive oil.

Slice the butternut squash into 2-3cm width ‘wheels’ and lay on the baking pan.

Scatter across the chopped garlic, red chilli, 2 tsp of smoked paprika and 1 tsp cayenne pepper making sure the wheels are evenly coated (toss them over a few times in the oil).

Squeeze 1/2 lime juice over, then chop and place the lime skins onto the baking tray too, to release extra flavour.

Shake over a dash of sea salt and black pepper and place in the oven for 18 minutes.

After 18 minutes, turn the wheels over. Put the remaining 1 tsp of smoked paprika and cayenne on, slice the spring onions, and scatter them across. Finally add 2 tbsp chopped coriander and place back in the oven for another 18 minutes until cooked through (with just enough bite and the skins softened).

Enjoy! x

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