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Lucy Francis |

South Coast, UK.

You have one body for life – look after it.

I’m a Nutritional Therapist in training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and am currently working for a wonderful private dermatology/surgical clinic alongside my studies. I can’t wait to be able to combine my growing knowledge and real passion for nutrition to help and hopefully inspire people in different stages of health and ages to realise the sheer power and importance of food.

I initially became fascinated with nutrition after struggling with acne when I was younger (and my reluctancy to take a strong drug to combat it). Taking a more natural approach and researching the healing properties of food gave me a whole new insight into the power of nutrition on so many aspects across the human body. It’s huge.

I also became (and still am!) a keen exerciser; I had a gym-going boyfriend who taught me the ropes of how to get confident in the gym and my mothers career was as a fitness instructor, so healthy lifestyle habits I think have naturally been influenced during my upbringing and later teens. Understanding how training and nutrition works synergistically has helped fuel me with energy, make me stronger and see results!

People sometimes ask me ‘what diet do you follow then?’ – Luckily I don’t have any real allergies I’m aware of so I don’t believe any foods should be completely off limits – I like to include a variety of foods for a healthy mind and a healthy body.

I don’t believe there is ‘one rule for the perfect diet’. Everyone is different and foods behave differently in unique biochemical make-ups…Which is one reason I don’t particularly agree with calorie counting. There are certainly so many amazing foods we can focus including more of in our diets but it doesn’t need to be based around extremities, if you cooked a gorgeous plant-based meal, that’s awesome! And if you enjoyed a traditional Sunday roast, good for you!

It’s so important to keep a positive relationship with food, especially in this day and age with the various social media platforms and ‘wellness’ companies constantly telling us to eat/avoid certain foods, (plus a consistent focus surrounding body image, thus creating subconscious pressure). It seems like a never ending mind game and that shouldn’t be what nutrition and health is about – stress should not surround food and I urge you not to pick apart or criticize your body, although most of us have the odd down day and that’s totally natural – just be kind to yourself ♥ perhaps I’ll write a blog post on this subject sometime as it’s something I have worked (and continue to work) on.

I do believe with even some basic knowledge about the food we eat and monitoring how food makes us feel, we can all improve our health a great deal, physically and mentally! Experiment with what works for you and adjust accordingly depending on how you feel, your state of health and/or ethical beliefs.

L x