About me



Lucy Francis |

South Coast, UK.

I’m a Nutritional Therapist in training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London whilst currently working for a private dermatology/surgical clinic alongside my studies.

I initially became fascinated with nutrition after struggling with acne when I was younger (and my reluctance to take a strong drug to combat it) which led me to take a more natural approach to my health. I also have a close family member suffering with a chronic, auto-immune condition which made me eager to support in any way I could or have the ability to from a more functional perspective alongside conventional medicine.

Back to 2016 – independently researching the many healing properties of food, I was exposed to a whole new perspective to health and the power of nutrition and lifestyle interventions across many aspects of the human body, especially after seeing amazing results with my skin! I felt like I just HAD to know more, so I enrolled on an induction course in Naturopathic Medicine which blew my mind and sparked my desire to learn further. I subsequently then made the decision to take the plunge and become a certified nutritional therapist, which involves training for three years incorporating biochemistry foundations, the functional medicine approach to nutrition and two years of supervised clinical experience and observation.

Throughout my later teens I became (and still am) a keen ‘worker-outer’, I had a gym-going boyfriend who taught me the ropes of how to get confident in the gym and my mothers career was a Pilates and circuit training instructor, I guess certain ‘healthy lifestyle’ habits were naturally influenced during my upbringing but admittedly, I wasn’t actually that fussed until I realised myself that I was in control of my health and my body so it was time to take charge. Understanding how exercise and nutrition work synergistically has helped fuel me with energy, improve strength and body composition and most importantly help me feel amazing!

I don’t believe there is ‘one rule for the perfect diet’. The beauty of nutrition is that it can be personalized and tailored individually to optimize our health status. Everybody is different and all foods behave uniquely in our biochemical make-ups. I do think food variety is key for a healthy mind and a healthy body. In this day and age with the various social media platforms and ‘wellness’ companies constantly telling us to eat or avoid certain food groups it seems like a never ending mind game and that shouldn’t be what nutrition and health is about – stress should not surround food.

Food is our most powerful tool to provide fuel, give us nourishment and help us thrive – those who follow me on social media will know I’m a massive foodie! I absolutely love experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with new recipes which I post here on my website – I love providing ideas to help those embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

Check my instagram @lucyhfrancis for recipe ideas and for nosing in on what I get up to in my daily life!