About me


Hey! So here’s a little low down on me and what I’m about.

I’m a Nutritional Therapist in training at CNM London and have also recently embarked on further training with the Institute Of Functional Medicine, alongside working for a private health clinic, specialising in skin.

I believe multiple areas within our healthcare system should work together for the best chance of optimal health for the individual. Doctors, nutrition experts, mental health experts and personal trainers for example – all crucial for supporting our overall health in terms of prevention, the midst of ill health, and aiding recovery.

I don’t believe there is ‘one rule for the perfect diet’. The beauty of nutrition is that it can be personalised and tailored to optimize our health status and suit our differing lifestyles. Everybody is different and all foods behave uniquely in our biochemical make-ups. In this day and age with the various social media platforms and ‘wellness’ companies constantly telling us to eat or avoid certain food groups it seems like a never ending mind game and that shouldn’t be what nutrition and health is about – stress should not surround food. Food is our most powerful tool to provide fuel, give us nourishment and help us thrive.

Those who follow me on social media will know I’m a massive foodie! I absolutely love experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with new recipes which I post here on my website – I love providing simple strategies to help those embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

Check my instagram @lucyhfrancis for recipe ideas and for nosing in on what I get up to in my daily life!