Banana, Blackberry & Maca Protein-Packed Smoothie Bowl

Hello lovely readers,

I’ve created a delicious smoothie bowl recipe I KNOW you’ll love.

I’ve been feeling pretty poorly the last few days with a throat infection. Whenever I get ill, like most people, I like to increase my fruit and veg intake even more to give myself an extra boost of vitamins my body needs to recover.

This is where the power of smoothie bowls come in! You can pack so many vitamins and minerals into one meal, it’s a winner! Note: sugar is abundant in fruit and although it’s natural sugar – it’s still sugar so be mindful of which ones you’re adding in and what you’re combing it with!

For this recipe you’ll need:

1 small frozen banana

60g blackberries (frozen or fresh)

1 tsp maca powder

1 generous scoop of protein powder (I used vanilla)

55g natural yoghurt – I used Skyr

50ml unsweetened almond milk

handful of ice


2 Brazil nuts chopped up to sprinkle

1/2 kiwi sliced

1 tsp chia seeds

drizzle of sweet freedom choc shot



1. Put all your base ingredients into a blender, adding the protein and maca powder last with the almond milk (so it doesn’t stick to the bottom)

2. Whiz on high powder until thick and smooth then pour into a bowl and add the topppings! Easy peasy.


With the protein (powder, yoghurt & chia) and healthy fats (nuts & chia) added, it can really help slow down the length of time it takes the sugar to hit your bloodstream/absorption rate.

With the warmer weather coming I love to incorporate more smoothie bowls into my diet so keep a look out for more similar recipes to come!


L x

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